Chrome tube (piston tube)

Chrome tube (piston tube) and what are its features?

آیکن پویا استیل

The main feature of Chrome Pipe Company, Dynamic Steel Brothers, is its high precision and stainlessness.

تصویر بدون پس زمینه

Chrome tube (piston tube)

آیکن پویا استیل

Dynamic Steel World Brothers Company produces this product, which is produced by both cooling and heating methods in the best and most reputable European and Asian factories. Always sends with the best price and quality and in the shortest possible time to customers and manufacturers throughout Iran and major cities of Tehran, Arak, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz and so on. Chrome pipes are used in various industries including jacks, pumps, elevators, forklifts, vans, trucks and elevators. Due to its very high quality, this product is one of the best-selling products of Donya Pouya Steel Baradaran Company.

The specifications of the chrome pipe of Donya Pouya Steel Baradaran Company are as follows:

آیکن آلیاژ

Alloy: ST52 or CK45

آیکن مقاومت

Surface smoothness: 1:20 mm per meter
External thickness resistor: EN10305-1 / 10305-2
Cold and hot traction: EN10220

آیکن ابعاد

Available sizes: from inside 30mm to inside 160mm