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لوگو پویا استیل برادران

Pouya Steel Baradaran company

Donya Pouya Steel Baradaran company (private joint stock company) with registration number of 522351 was established in 1999 in Tehran.
The head office of the company is located in Iran Steel Bazaar at 5th km of Fath road.

The main goal of this company is prosperity of large and small industries in all parts of our beloved country of Iran, and to achieve this goal, we supply high quality goods in accordance with world standard in the most modern Asian and European factories in countries such as Italy, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, China, Taiwan and…

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آیکن وبلاگ پویا استیلآیکن وبلاگ پویا استیل سفید


Follow the article, news related to the world of steel and chrome rods through Pouya Steel.
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آیکن لوله سیلندریآیکن لوله سیلندری سفید


See the dynamic products of Baradaran Steel (chrome rods and pipes, corrugated pipe, Iranian chrome shaft, chrome shaft, chrome shaft, hard chrome, cylindrical pipe) on this page.
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آیکن مشاوره پویا استیلآیکن مشاوره پویا استیل سفید

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The latest products

تصویر کروم معمولی

Ordinary Chrome

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تصویر لوله سیلندری مشکی

Chrome Bars

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تصویر دوم از کروم سخت

Hard Chrome

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تصویر دوم از لوله کروم

Chrome tube (piston tube)

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لوله پشت سنگ خورده

The pipe behind the stone is corroded

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شفت کروم یا میل کروم

Chrome shaft Chrome shaft

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