What is the pipe behind the stone and what are its characteristics?

آیکن پویا استیل

The main feature of the stone backed pipe of Donya Pouya Steel Brothers Company is its high precision and anti-corrosion property.

تصویر بدون پس زمینه

The pipe behind the stone is corroded

آیکن پویا استیل

Pouya Pouya Steel Brothers Company produces crushed back pipes that are produced by both cooling and heating methods in the best and most reputable European and Asian factories, always with the best price and quality and in the shortest possible time to customers and manufacturers throughout Iran and Sends to big cities of Tehran, Arak, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz, etc. Pebble back pipe is used in various industries such as jacks, pumps, elevators, forklifts, trucks, lorries and elevators. Due to its high quality, this product is one of the best-selling products of Donya Pouya Steel Baradaran Company.

Chrome stone backed pipe

آیکن پویا استیل

One of the products of Pouya Steel Company, which is very popular in the industry and has many uses, is the chrome-plated back pipe. This tube has special features in addition to the features that Chrome adds to it. Chrome adds features such as corrosion resistance to the product. In this article, I try to introduce this product briefly and effectively, which is one of the important services and products of Pouya Steel Company.

Chrome coatings provide very high hardness and resistance to abrasion and corrosion. This is an important and major factor that causes. To be used in industries such as aerospace, nuclear, heavy machinery, as well as high applications in critical and critical components and systems.

But increasing the thickness of the coating for stiffness, longer life and the use of the piece also creates another problem. Uniformity and facing the different thickness required in the project. That is why you need a full-fledged product and company that has products with diameter behind the stone, outer diameter, inner diameter, coreless stones (hollow) and .. such as Pouya Steel brand.

We make sure your hard industrial chrome parts match the exact thicknesses. Also, we pay for the inner diameter of the cylindrical opening in such a way that it has the exact exact size of the size you need in the project.

Trust the company that has been trusted by the factories and large industries of the country for many years. From cylindrical pipes to hard chrome pipes and chrome backed pipes, etc., we can meet the needs of your projects with high quality and satisfaction.

From cylinders used in nuclear power plants to hydraulic parts and equipment used in industrial machinery, you can count on us.

The cylindrical tube is bent behind the stone

The cylindrical tube is bent behind the stone

The cylindrical pipe behind the stone is one of the best products of Pouya Steel Company.

The specifications of the stone back pipe of Donya Pouya Steel Brothers Company are as follows:

آیکن آلیاژ

Alloy: CK45 or ST52

آیکن مقاومت

Surface smoothness: 1:20 mm per meter
External thickness resistor:
EN10305-1 / 10305-2

آیکن ابعاد

Available sizes: from inside 40mm to inside 150mm