What is ordinary chrome and its features?

آیکن پویا استیل

The main feature of ordinary chrome is Dynamic Steel Brothers, its high precision and anti-corrosion properties. Shafts (raw rods) that are used in the process of chrome plating and laminating of this type of products are in accordance with the world standard EN10083 and EN10277.

Ordinary Chrome (Ordinary Chrome Shafts)

آیکن پویا استیل

Widely used in hydraulic industry and for the production of hydraulic and piston products. Conventional chrome is used in industries that require high precision and high resistance coating. Conventional chrome is widely used in the manufacture of industrial machinery, including the pumping industry, elevators, jacks, hoists, and the like. Dunya Pouya Steel Baradaran Company with more than 16 years of brilliant activity in the largest steel and steel complex in Iran and with imports from leading European and Asian countries in this industry, as well as using cutting machines to meet all the needs of manufacturers around Iran has responded appropriately in all places including Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, Arak, Mashhad, Shiraz, etc. and has always been able to obtain the satisfaction of producers.

The specifications of ordinary chrome of Donya Pouya Steel Brothers Company are as follows:

آیکن آلیاژ

Surface smoothness: 0.5 / 2000 m

آیکن مقاومت

Hardness (chromium level): Rt 3 μm max

آیکن زمان تست نمک

Salt water test: 200 hours

آیکن ابعاد

Available sizes: from 10mm to 200mm

آیکن دقت

Rounding accuracy: 0.5 / 2000 m
Chrome thickness:
20 to 25 microns
Branch length:
6m to 7.5m
Branch cover:
standard cardboard and plastic